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Things To Know Before You Invest

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

If you have no idea about anything on investment, this Zoom sharing session is dedicated for you!

I have often got the questions from people around me on how to start investing and let the money do some work for us by generating a passive income stream. However, there are simply too many information out there. Not everyone knows where to start and what to prepare for.


In this Zoom sharing session, my friend, Joe Pong, is going to share with you from the very basics of financial concepts (things you never learn in the school), what are the different types of investment, and most importantly HOW TO START.

Share this valuable knowledge to as many people around you so that all can benefit as well!

Click on the button below for the AMAZING CONTENTS to start learning now!

**The button will bring you to Joe Pong's website.



This post here does not serve as an investment advice, and is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please do your own due diligence before starting any form of investment. Use the content at your own risk. I do not own some of the pictures and screenshots taken from different source of websites, and the illustrations attached are purely for education purpose.


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