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Investing. But First, Fundamental

By now, you would have known the different ways to start investing and you want to jump right in!


Do not jump right in if you do not know the basics and fundamentals yet.

We need to first look into the fundamentals of the businesses that we want to invest in. This is so that we do not blindly invest in fundamentally broken companies that do not grow and do not have a consistent profit. These companies with inconsistent profits and no growth will impact proportionally to your investment capital as well. You would not want this to happen don't you? So you would probably ask," How then to know which companies/businesses are fundamentally great?". This big question will be broken down and answered through the crash course!

In this crash course, Joe Pong and I will be covering the topics below:

  • How to choose the right companies to invest in ?

  • What are the information should I be looking at ?

  • All essential fundamental questions you need to ask yourselves first !

  • LIVE DEMO on how to analyse a company to invest !

Share this valuable knowledge to as many people around you so that all can benefit as well!

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This post here does not serve as an investment advice, and is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please do your own due diligence before starting any form of investment. Use the content at your own risk. I do not own some of the pictures and screenshots taken from different source of websites, and the illustrations attached are purely for education purpose.


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