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Bio Profile

My name is Lim Zhi Pei.

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University Singapore and currently working as an engineer in the automation industry.

I stumbled across investments and trading during the COVID crash in March 2020. My brother signed up for an online course called "Profit From Panic" from Resh, a well known millionaire investor in Singapore. The course was mind blowing as new contents were updated very frequently. From then on, I have watched and followed every free live sessions he and his circle of investors put out.

I started off with CFD trading without much knowledge and lost almost 80% of my capital in 1 month. I didn't know that I was just gambling back then. It was painful as it was my hard earned savings. However, I did not give up and keep on learning.

Since then, through some ups and downs, I finally managed to regain all my losses in December 2020. I am certain that going into 2021, I will always be learning and getting better.

All in all, I plan to achieve my target of $1 million net worth by 2025. 
And most importantly, I want to create ripple effects to help others start their journey and reach their goals.